Hail, Adventurers! Or should I say Questers now… Questees?… Questicles?… Oh whatever. The point is that this is our new campaign information repository and homepage (woo!). And if you have the ability to type properly without a lot of typos and with proper spelling, this is for you to edit and grow. As you adventure throughout the world, you will be tasked with compiling your knowledge of Everfall into a growing wiki. I will be the site admin and if you fuck around you will be banned immediately so don’t do it, I get email notifications when shit changes. I will be providing a lot of information as well.

    Character bios and stuff can be stored here as well and its a great place to do so, as then your shit can wiki-link to other shit on the sight, you know… like a wiki. Ok, so you get the point, but its gonna be really neat as we build this world up from the ground together. Everything is always a work in progress and everything that’s here is subject to change, but all of the campaign info you need outside of the base rules for the game should be here, that includes currencies, languages, and all that good shit that is unique to the campaign world in which you will be playing. There’s also an abridged history on the wiki that, although basically nobody in the universe knows, it’s a pretty cool read and as players will give you some insight into the state of the world. I strongly recommend reading said history before making a character for this universe.

    In addition, there’s tab up there called “Adventure Log”. Guess what that means. No, Dustin, not an orgy. Someone each session will give a “journal entry” in character at the end of each session, and this duty will rotate between each of you so we can keep track of all the shit that happened and it will be fun to cobble all of this together into a working story. In addition, the log is also technically part of the wiki, so you can wiki link things from your log for better reference. I can assist with any of this so let me know, and as always I’m good to answer any questions about Quest or Everfall or whatever you may have. So have fun on the new site!

Everfall: Rise of Nations

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