Everfall: Rise of Nations

Connor Grey Felvida 27th

Felvida 27th
I awake the next morning to the spicy smell of food. I hurry down to eat what looks like an Omelet…maybe a Tostada…? Something delicious is all I care about…I look around for Jenny so we can cash in on our “deal” but she seems to be missing. I scarf down my food and head up to her room. I knock on the door, but get no answer. I knock louder and put my ear up to the door to listen for movement. As my ear nears the door, I feel a smack on the back of my head and fall to the floor only to see dear Racha standing over me. She threatens me, telling me to shut up, but I pay no mind. I go downstairs after dealing with the pain to wait for Jenny. I hear Corlin talking about “juggling all of these problems.” Humf…Juggling isn’t that hard. I go grab some fruit and begin to teach myself how. After a loud “release” is heard from the bathroom, Logan walks out. I show off my juggling skills to Logan, who congratulates me. After a while, I realize I’m still waiting on Jenny. I throw an orange into the rafters on accident and notice Jenny standing there. I offer her an orange, and throw it up to her. The orange smacks her dead in the face. As it bounces back to me, I throw it back to her, but it smacks her in the face again. She groans down the stairs and eats the orange before I have a chance to get to it again. I tell her it’s time to go cash in, and she agrees. Logan asks her about a hangover, and she almost falls down the stairs. Luckily, I am there to save the day…again…I barely catch her before she faceplants. Logan walks up and slaps her in the face, saying it will “Cure the hangover!” Dwarves have an…odd way of dealing with problems. Now that I think about it…how does Logan know how to clear up a hangover? I thought those signi people aren’t allowed to have fun…As they fight about how she wasn’t going get better by getting hit, and how she wasn’t drinking, I bring up how we need to be heading to our “friend.”
She says she isn’t feeling so good, so she gives me directions, and leads me to the break point. Logan follows behind us. She talks about her monocle causing her “sickened state.” We reach the seedier part of town and Jenny decides it’s okay for her to go with us. The poor begin begging as usual, but the sound of coin catches my interest. We turn around to see Logan handing out money to the beggars…Fuck. We take off trying to evade the beggars who begin to mob behind us. A whip sounds and thugs come out demanding our coin purses. I pull out an arrow, point it at him and say to let us pass. He whips his cane up, shoots me, and we begin our attempt to survi……

I awake to a gun pointed at my face. They take all of our money, and begin to disperse. We jump at the opportunity to capture some of the stragglers. Logan begins a fist fight with one, while I effortlessly take out an archer up top. I knock him out, only to see Logan’s bloody fists and the dead…guy…He really let himself go…We make it to the Tenement building to cash in on my crime. The archer I knocked out is along my shoulder. He pays us, but I pay him to find out information on the guy who robbed us. His name was Hagan MacEntyre, and I learn where his old hideout is. I carry his henchman with me, but Jenny and Logan ditch me.
As I walk through the residential district, guards stop me and question me about the henchman I have on my shoulder. I explain about how Hagan MacEntyre robbed us and I was turning in his man to the guards after getting some more…Information. The guards whisper amongst themselves and tell me to take care of my drunk friend. Heh…oh I will. Some other guards stop me further along but refuse to give me the same service. Oh well…looks like I’m doing this in public. I sit him down in an allyway and wait for him to wake up. As he wakes up, he sees me and starts to run away. I pull him back, and start to try and interrogate him. He gets away, but not before I stab him in the shoulder…he won’t last long…I head back to the embassy.
I reach the embassy, and ask about my money. Jenny tells me about it being on my bed. She seems dull…I don’t know what happened but I need to count my money. I go in to check for my money but it is missing. I tell Jenny, who decides to help me look. We ask the servants about it but nobody seems to know anything about it. We reach the deduction that Racha stole it. Great…Just my luck. We smell dinner. I don’t really care about dinner. I wait for Racha. We talk about how I got my money, and about how the stupid Elf Corinth gets his money. Racha bursts in the door, drunk as usual. We all notice her wonderful NEW armor. Must have cost her a fortune…She crawls upstairs, and I follow behind her. She goes in her room, and I start to knock on the door. She opens up, smelling of alcohol with a bottle in her hand. I ask her if I can drink with her, and she asks me in…for some reason? Her room looks just like mine…but more alcohol. Maybe we are somewhat similar…As we start drinking, Logan tries to steal her alcohol. She quickly puts him to waste as he breaks the bottle on the ground. She slams the door, and goes back to drinking. She notices how I am drinking a little and forces it down my throat. I…I she stripped?…No…yeah…Anyways I see a bed and slepp.



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