Everfall: Rise of Nations

Felvida 23rd

Felvida 23
I awake in the infirmary, or what I guess is the infirmary. I sit up to look around, but am still in a lot of pain. Best cure for pain? Sleep obviously! I lie back down and try to sleep it off. I awake some time later and head off to find the party. As I ask around, it seems they were in much better shape than me and had already left. I leave out the infirmary to go find them, but the growl of my stomach leads me right to a baker’s stand. It’s always the bread…The fresh baked Pomegranate muffins smell too good to resist so I put down some money and enjoy the delicious muffins. After finishing, I feel like I should go grab some more bounties for the party. I question some guards but I think they were speaking some other language. I just nod politely and wonder off in a random direction. Maybe I’ll get lucky or something. Unfortunately, I make it not to the bounties, but into the residential district. Maybe I could stop by Max’s shop and see if he has anything for me. As I start walking throughout the district, I remember my other bounty about Panthera and how I need to find the conspirator. I pull out the ripped paper and compare it to the few Panthera I can see. The first one I see…PERFECT MATCH! I walk up and begin to question him about his actions, and he just shrugs me off. I guess it wasn’t him…BUT NO FEAR! I look upon the crowd and spot the REAL criminal! As I begin to chase them, they dash off and start running. Now if that doesn’t spell guilty, I don’t know what does. I effortlessly follow this bandit, as they dash into some back allies and eventually make it into some random house. It has to be the hideout…of ALL of the bounties! I knock on the door and a huge Panthera answers the door. I ask about the criminal and get the door slammed in my face. When I knock again he threatens me and slams the door again. It seems I need to go at this from a different approach. I put on my Shifting Sands robes and pull up my cloak and try again. As the door opens, he grabs my head, looks me in the face, and –

I wake up dizzy, and my nose hurts. When I touch it, I know it’s broken and I can just taste and smell all the blood. I brace myself, and pop my nose back into socket. The pain is enough to make a normal man to cry but I am no normal man. I go to a fountain to wash off the blood and notice my right eye is blackened and my right tusk is chipped. That bastard…but I must admit I do look pretty rugged. Maybe Racha like the rugged look. Eager to find out, I wander back to the embassy only to find Logan preaching about how Signus is a pushover or something. I ask him how long he’ll be and head off in search of Racha. It seems as though she is sleeping, so now it is time to bring the Panthera to justice. Jenny would help, but it seems she isn’t in her room. I ask Logan again but he seems to be getting frustrated with my constant questioning. I find Perla reading and ask her about the bounty and if she will help out. She doesn’t seem interested. Racha wakes up as I am talking with Perla. She heads out the door without saying a word to anyone. I need to make sure she is okay…I get up and go to follow her. As she walks into an alleyway, I follow her and am suddenly on my back. She is pinned on top of me, and just sighs. She says the next time I do that, she’ll kill me. So much for me trying to help. When I reach the embassy, Logan is finally done. I sit back down with Perla about the location of Jenny. As we are talking, Logan sits down with us. We get into a discussion of the bounties and his lack of wanting to help. I bring up yesterday and how a few of us could have died and how he didn’t want to help. All he keeps saying is something about Signus and I can’t hurt people blah blah blah. So I agree to look for some “noble” bounties and not killing people and what not.
I head off in search of the bounty books. I find some better guards who tell me where to find the Adventure Command Center who will have all that I need. I set off for the Center. I arrive and find the Felvida Low, Medium and High danger bounty books. I grab the Medium and High and rush back to the embassy to start looking for jobs. When I get back, the servants have made some nice ham sandwiches we all partake in. I find a job about a group robbing caravans. I tell Logan about how they’re robbing religious people and religious caravans but he doesn’t go for it. I see Jenny enjoying her sandwich and ask her about the bounty, but she just asks me about shadow binding. I tell her I know nothing about that. I ask the servants about it and Corinth says he prefers to do his fighting face to face. Talks about some “fencing” or fancy fighting. He brings up a challenge for me, a duel of sorts. If he wins, I listen to Logan preach. If I win he becomes my personal servant for the week. He agrees, grabs some case from his room, and we head off towards the dojo. Logan follows for some reason. I thought he hated violence, but I guess we’re not all perfect right? We set up, and the duel begins.
Somehow he ends up winning, and I talk about how I just have to be there as Logan preaches. He threatens to “take off the point.” Wow…so scary. I should rip off his arm or something just to show him some true fighting. I bet he’s never even fought outside of dueling…Wooden weapons are one thing. He couldn’t stand up to my skill outside of rulings. I offer to take everyone out to dinner, and we end up going to the Palace of Meat. I find the most expensive thing on the menu and order it. If it’s expensive it must be good right? Logan gets something called a Meat Tornado. I look over at Corinth who orders chicken wings…? Somebody is a little bitch. We chow down and Corinth carefully picks off the meat from the bones with his fork and knife. This man needs to learn how to be a man…Once we finish and I pay, we head back towards the embassy. I start researching up on some bounties and find one about a grave robber. Racha might like it if I get grave robbers right…? I ask Corlin for a map of nearby territories and borrow it for a while as I start to try and trace down where the criminal has hit and where he will hit in the future. I decide to head south after Logan finishes preaching tomorrow. As I am trying to solve the puzzle, Jenny shows up and asks me about the alchemist Max. I lead her straight to him and she asks about rapid rusting. Odd thing to want if you ask me. I ask Max about any new potions and he gives me some green mixture. As I drink it, Jenny tries to stop me. Not sure what her problem is. I feel a bit weird…as Max brings out some plant. He tells me to talk to it. It turns out I can now talk to plants. I start to talk around and Max shows me a mirror. My veins have turned green like grass. Side effects but who cares when I can communicate with other forms of life now! Max hands me a bucket, and I puke everything into it. He bashes me for eating so much meat beforehand. I can’t believe I wasted so much of that steak…we head back to the embassy and Racha stumbles in drunk and plops onto the couch. I try to pick her up to carry her to her room, but she grabs my arm. I look at her, but she’s still asleep. I grab her again and end up on the floor…again…and she wakes up and apologizes. She stumbles up the stairs, and goes to bed. I go to bed and try to prepare for the next day of torture from Logan.
I awake up and head downstairs to listen to Logan preach. “Non-violence?” “Other gods” “Lesser Gods?” Really? Is that really what Signus is about? How can anybody like that? After the preaching, Logan talks to me about his preaching but Corinth catches my eye has he runs out with his tiny sword case. I go to sneak after him and notice Jenny is with him. Logan starts to follow me. He doesn’t really understand what “stealth” is but that’s okay. I wouldn’t expect somebody who follows non-violence and what not to know anything about combat and how to get the upper hand with surprise. Jenny starts holding Corinth’s hand and we overhear things that they say they are going to do in Signi temple. Logan gets flustered and rushes up to them. They say they’re only going to go duel, but Logan and I follow just to be sure. Jenny and Corinth duel, and Corinth wins again. He wants to challenge me, but won’t go all three. He ends up winning, but that’s because of the roof being too low. He thinks he can win just because he’s beaten me in this tiny room. I know I can kill him. It would be easier to kill him than it would be to break a twig…I set out to go find the grave robber from the bounty.
It is a long and boring walk, but eventually I make my way to the town. I talk with the mayor, and he agrees to let me help. He sets me up with a militia for the watch at night. I eat some potato soup and get ready for the night. Jethro, an earth archon, is who I am set up with. He leads me to the cemetery, and I explain about the bounty. He points me to where I would like to hide, and I effortlessly climb up into the tree. Jethro can’t seem to get up, but turns himself into stone it seems and then seeps into some surrounding stone. That seems like one of the most useful things…I wonder if I can ever learn how to do that? Probably not. I’m not made of earth and stuff. We wait up all night, and it seems nothing happens. Dawn rises up, and Jethro comes out of his spot. I jump down, and congratulate him on his amazing ability. He heads off to town to sleep and I set off back to the embassy so I may get a nap before having to listen to Logan preach his false beliefs on everyone. I wonder how he would feel if I preached my beliefs onto him…



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