Everfall: Rise of Nations

Felvida 25th-26th, Jenny Cross

25th Felvida
I awoke to Racha pounding furiously on Connor’s door, obviously irate and clutching a letter in her hand. Dammit Connor, what have you done this time? I cautiously approached Racha and prayed I would be able to convince her not to murder Connor for whatever he’d done to upset her. Upon noticing my presence, Racha thrust the letter she had been holding in my face and demanded to know why we hadn’t invited her to kill Hroggar with us. I was absolutely stunned, I had been contemplating how to convince her to join our cause for quite some time and, just like that, she agreed to help us. My elation at having Racha on our side was replaced with a slight curiosity, however. Why wasn’t Connor answering his door? I swear to god, if he’s fighting in that damn coliseum, he’d better hope that mammoth kills him before I do. The thought of Connor killing himself in the coliseum worried me, and I decided that I would grab some breakfast before setting off to the coliseum to hopefully stop him. I walked downstairs with the visibly offended Racha when, much to my suprise and relief, Connor stumbled in and passed out on the couch. I attempted to wake him, first by nudging him and calling his name, and then by suggesting that Racha wished to speak with him. Nothing, absolutely no response. I figured if the mention of his love pining after his masculinity wouldn’t wake him, nothing would, so I gave up and went back to eating my breakfast. After finishing, I set out to Max’s shop to purchase the rust potion he had been making for me. I sincerely hoped that, for the price, this potion would help us should Exe chose to show his face again. I arrived at Max’s house and, after a considerable amount of knocking, he answered the door in a pair of pajamas. He seemed irritated and rudely closed his windows in my face after the transaction was completed. I guess the poor princess was upset about losing her sleep. I headed back to the embassy, excited to start working with Corinth in order to find my master. The oddest thing occurred as I reached his door though; my heart was pounding as if I had just sprinted a mile and it felt as if I was being overcome with nervousness. I shook off my feelings, I had a job to do after all, and knocked loudly on his door. After knocking a few more times, I figured that he must be doing chores around the embassy and began questioning the other servants as to whether they had seen him or not. Much to my surprise, no one had seen Corinth all day. I began to worry about him, as I feared he was out wandering the city without one of us. I shouldn’t worry, he’s a smart guy, he wouldn’t get caught right? I sat on the couch next to Perla and waited for Corinth to come back. I was lost in thought when Perla asked me about the author of her book. I told her his name was Pirus and went back to my thoughts. I hope Corinth is alright.
The door to the embassy opened and I immediately jumped to my feet, hoping that Corinth would walk stride in and alleviate my worries. Much to my chagrin, it was only Logan. Apparently I was wearing my emotions on my sleeve, as Logan inquired as to what was wrong. I lied and told him it was nothing and went back to my thoughts. Logan informed us that he wouldn’t be preaching today, but I hardly heard a word as I was fixated on Corinth. Was he arrested? Did he get mugged? Why isn’t he back yet dammit, we were supposed to work together today! He’d better have a good reason for going out on his own and ditching me like this.
 I became fed up with just sitting and waiting on Corinth and decided I would go find some work to help occupy my time. Not many shops were opened for business, but I did manage to wonder into a general where a family of hobbits was arguing vehemently with each other. I took this as a sign that something needed doing and, after a few attempts, managed to get their attention. One of the women asked me to deliver a letter and offered my 10 cael for my time. I figured the job wouldn’t take more than an hour or so, and 10 cael seemed like good money. I accepted the job and made my way to the address she had given me. The streets began to turn rough as I approached my destination, so I kept an eye on my money and a hand on my gun and proceeded with caution. Some amateur jumped out of an alley and attempted to mug me, to which I responded by disappearing and continuing on my way. I noted the alleyway and figured I’d teach him a little lesson on my way back. Hopefully he’d learn a thing or two about mugging strangers from me before he ended up dead.
 I eventually found the address and delivered the letter to an imposing looking Dragost. He opened the letter, read it, and became infuriated by its contents. He burned the letter and demanded that I murder one of the hobbits with a special dagger of his. I attempted to get out of the situation by mentioning my ambassadorial status, but he didn’t even seem fazed, which was likely due to the corrupt nature of the politicians in Catiline. I could sense that if I didn’t accept his job I’d likely end up with that dagger between my own ribs, so I decided that I would offer up Connor’s services. The Dragost seemed pleased and agreed to pay me a 10% finder’s fee and paid me for the letter’s delivery before sending me on my way. Normally I wouldn’t be comfortable accepting blood money, but I was low on funds and reasoned that I wasn’t the one doing the killing, therefore, I wasn’t breaking any of my tenants. As I approached the alleyway where I knew my mugger friend was lying in wait, I drew my gun, stepped around the corner, and pointed it at his face. The look he gave me was pathetic; this was probably the first time anyone had ever gotten the jump on him before. After explaining that I wouldn’t hurt him so long as we didn’t have any problems, he agreed to my terms and I left. He’s lucky I was the one pointing the gun at him, had it been someone like Connor instead, he would almost certainly have died. As I rounded the corner, I saw a large crowd forming around two people laying into each other. I’d seen things like this before in Escula and I knew I had to get out of there fast before I was caught up in the coming melee. As I began to flee the scene, sure enough, a gang war broke out. I managed to slip away with little incident and, after the violence had died down, I resumed my walk back to the embassy.
 After arriving back at the embassy, I immediately headed up to Corinth’s door to see if he was back yet. Much to my distress, he wasn’t back yet and I was almost sure he’d been arrested. I could feel my anxiety building rapidly, but I tried to keep my cool and decided that I would break into his room after diner. I absentmindedly ate my meal and waited for Connor to finish his. He just kept eating…and eating…and eating. It appeared as if he and Logan were having some sort of fattastic competition. After downing god knows how many bows of stew, Connor finally stopped eating and made his way to where I was standing. I led him upstairs and described the job I had obtained from the Dragost to him before handing him the dagger. I then asked if he could help me break into Corinth’s room, to which he seemed a bit too eager to help with. Though I was slightly suspicious about his eagerness, I wasn’t about to complain; Connor was being very helpful and I saw no need to question his motives. I had to stifle a small laugh after Connor failed at kicking the door in. As much as I wanted in that room, Connor’s blunder was a welcome sight, as the silliness of it all helped alleviate a small amount of the stress which had been plaguing me all day. Logan quickly came up stairs and mentioned a master key that Corlin had in his possession. I could’ve buried my hand so far into my face as those words left his mouth, why the hell hadn’t I thought of that before?!
 After acquiring the master key from Corlin, I opened the door to Corinth’s room to find all of his possessions neatly organized and folded. Had I not been so worried, I would have been impressed by his cleanliness. After looking around his room for a short amount of time, it became apparent that Corinth left of his own accord, as there were no signs of violence or any sort of struggle. Corinth’s fencing kit was nowhere to be found, so I decided that I should check the dojo to see if he was maybe training there. Connor and I rushed to the dojo, only to discover that no one matching Corinth’s description had checked in that day. I was so frustrated I could’ve screamed. On the way back to the embassy, I tried to scan the crowd in an attempt to spot Corinth when I noticed that Connor had asked me a question. I blinked and asked him to repeat himself, to which he suggested that I show him the shop where the hobbits worked at. I absentmindedly led him there and continued looking for Corinth along the way. I noticed Connor was eye balling an old hobbit man standing near the shop and was instantly reminded of his inability to make distinctions between some of the races. He began questioning the old man and I became worried that Connor was going to knife an innocent man. Dammit Connor, you’re going to get us both arrested! After informing Connor that the old hobbit wasn’t one of his targets, I could feel a slight headache coming on. Corinth is nowhere to be found and now I have to worry about Connor the Blood-Crazed knifing random stranger in cold blood? Ugh this day is a nightmare! After guiding Connor away from the poor old hobbit, he suggested that we ask the guards about Corinth’s whereabouts. I was torn, on one hand, if Corinth had been arrested then this would be a wise decision, on the other, if Corinth hadn’t been arrested, then he sure as hell would be once the guards caught wind about him running around without an escort. I decided that, at this point, it would be a good idea to ask the guards and go along with Connor’s plan.
 We questioned the guards and went to 2 different holding areas in pursuit of Corinth, only to turn up with nothing. We decided to head back to the embassy and start the search anew tomorrow since it was getting dark. On the way back, Connor started questioning me about my relationship with Corinth. Fuck, is it really that obvious? What am I saying? I’ve been looking for this asshole all day, of course it’s that obvious! I tried to act like I didn’t know what Connor was talking about, but I could tell by his persistence that he didn’t believe me and I could feel my face starting to flush. Dammit, why is my body so uncooperative! I was thankful that it was dark out, as I had hoped the darkness was shrouding my embarrassment. Connor kept bugging me and finally brought up me and Corinth holding hands. I quickly grabbed Connor’s hand, hoping to end the conversation with that. The ensuing awkward silence worked its magic and Connor finally dropped the subject.
 After arriving back at the embassy, I checked Corinth’s bedroom one last time and, lo and behold, he was back. I couldn’t decide whether to punch him in the face or hug him, so instead I asked him where the hell he had been all day. He pulled me into his room and explained that he was a masked fighter that had been fighting in the coliseum for quite some time. He explained how he even managed to fight while imprisoned, which is how he managed to pay his bail. I was shocked at this revelation and incredibly impressed. He’s such a sly man, I bet he’s never lost a match! I asked if he would mind if I came to watch one of his fights, but unfortunately that could link us together. I was slightly disappointed, but I didn’t want him to get caught. Satisfied with Corinth’s explanation, I asked if we could begin searching for my master the next day, to which he agreed. I went back to my room and laid down for the night…until Connor started banging on my door. I opened my door and Connor began making accusations about Corinth stabbing him. I was briefly concerned, until Connor explained that he only got stabbed because he was breaking into Corinth’s room. I tried to explain to him how that was entirely his fault, but he wasn’t having any of it. He asked what business I had with Corinth and why I was looking for him all day today. Great, here we go again. I decided to save some time by merely explaining to Connor that what I chose to do with Corinth was my business only. Connor decided that the only logical conclusion to be drawn from those words was that I was having sex with Corinth. Why does everyone think I’m so goddamn easy?…perhaps it’s the leather, now that I think about it. I denied Connor’s accusations and went back to bed, but my own imagination would not allow me to rest. I waited for my…thoughts to clear up and went to Connor’s room. I asked him about the concept of dating, which I must admit I knew very little about. Connor explained everything there was to know about the subject and asked if there was any specific reason I was asking him about this subject. Connor, you know exactly why I’m asking you these questions, stop trying to embarrass me! I managed to fall asleep shortly after lying down in bed.
 Felvida 26th
 I awoke to the sound of a bugle coming from downstairs. Confused by the noise, I left my room to see what the hell was going on. As I reached the banister overlooking the main room, I saw a man in ceremonial armor holding a bugle standing next to Racha who was also wearing decorative armor. I started to walk downstairs to question what business this man had blowing a bugle in our embassy, when Connor came barreling down the hallway. He lept over the balcony and gracefully, like a beautifully choreographed dancer, caught his leg on the banister and broke his arm. I felt such a performance deserved a standing ovation and clapped slowly whilst laughing to myself. My amusement turned to pity after he started blubbering like a child and I kind of felt bad for mocking him. Perla went to find Logan while Shaelith was kind enough to bandage Connor’s arm up in a sling. After Racha berated Connor for his stupidity, Shaelith led him out towards the hospital. Perla arrived back downstairs and informed us all that Logan was nowhere to be found. I was unconcerned about a party member’s absence for once, for I knew that if Logan was missing he was likely off at some temple praying for our wretched souls.
 The bugler informed us that he was sent by High General Marcus Septimus and that his name was General Pelior. He briefed us on the current war preparations, stating that we would be leaving in four days along with a company of 120 men. A sense of urgency washed over me, as I had been hoping to find my master before we left. I hoped Corinth could help me find him fast; he could be of great help to us. Connor arrived back during the briefing, fully healed. Pelior briefed Connor on the situation and advised him against any more acts of stupidity. Obviously this man has no idea who he’s talking to. After the general departed, Connor attempted to get me to help him with his job, but I informed him that doing so could arise suspicion, which is the last thing we want to do. Connor found this response to be acceptable and set out to accomplish his task.
 I went to Corinth’s room and began discussing how we would find my master. Unfortunately, I knew next to nothing of use and Corinth informed me that he would require more information to find my master. Corinth then began questioning me about some sketchy magic and I started to become weary of his intentions. He explained that he was a spy sent by Leminster to retrieve a certain book which contained the spell Leminster used to stop time. I pondered his words briefly and decided that he was telling the truth. He began to explain how we were going to work together in order to obtain the information we both desired and I couldn’t help but recall Connor’s description of what a date was. It seemed like a long shot, but I couldn’t help but ask Corinth if he was asking me out on a date. His confused expression answered my question long before the words left his mouth and I could feel my heart sink into my stomach. No, he was not asking me out on a date. Figures, I can’t believe I just embarrassed myself like that. Sensing my disappointment, Corinth informed me that he would be more than happy to take me on a date after the heist. And just like that, my heart shot from my stomach straight into my throat. He then followed up his proposition by giving me a hug. I never thought myself to be the type to fall so hard, but I’ll be damned if I wasn’t melting in his arms at that point. I tried to play cool after we parted, but after getting far enough away from his room I could feel myself start to skip. I felt like a little girl and my elation was unmatched by anything else I’ve ever felt before.
 After walking off my blush, I returned to Corinth and we set out to the arcane library. He informed me that, to keep from getting in trouble with the guards, he was going to wait outside in his armor and sign autographs after helping get a key from one of the librarians. We successfully managed to lift a key from one of the assistants and Corinth waited outside while I sat and watched the clock tower intently, not wanting to miss my opportunity. I grew hungry after a while and went to get something to eat. On my way back, I figured I’d stop by Corinth and make some silly remark about him being my knight in shining armor or something, just for a laugh. As I approached, however, I was at a loss for words. He was just standing there…in that armor, with that look in his eyes…I completely lost my train of thought when it came time for him to give me his autograph. I must have looked like such a babbling idiot as I tried to find something for him to sign. I eventually managed to spit out that I wanted him to autograph my scabbard, to which he obliged. I quickly took my sword and dashed back in the library, hoping to piece back together my broken pride and dismantled dignity in solitude.
 I returned to my original seat in order to watch the clock tower. I sat in silence and anticipation, hoping that I could pull this off on my first try. The clock struck 6 and I pinned my shadow to the floor. I was teleported out of the library and was almost immediately yanked back inside. I held my head high and smiled for a moment, proud of my success only to realize that all of the light sources inside the library had been snuffed out. Thankfully, I remembered the strange monocle inside my pack, pulled it out, and placed it over my eye. The library lit up for me and I made my way to the restricted section. I used the monocle as sparsely as possible, as I enjoy being able to sleep at night. When I came to the door, I placed the key inside the lock and opened it with little effort. I scanned the room, hoping to spot any traps that may set off an alarm and alert the guards to my presence. After a short amount of time, I could see that there were no such devices and made my way quickly to the section where I thought my books would be located. I found three tomes, two on shadow binding and one on which seemed the most likely to contain a method which I could use to find my master via the shadows. I then began searching for the tome Corinth desired, which didn’t take very long as it was situated on top of a pedestal. I was weary of its placement, thinking that lifting the book could perhaps set off some sort of magical trap. I left the book where it was and found another book of similar size and shape. I returned to the entrance of the library and pinned my shadow to the ground, figuring that if this was some sort of trap, I’d better have a way to quickly escape from this room. I bolted for the pedestal and quickly switched out the book I was holding with the book on the pedestal and was yanked out of the library via my spell. I waited nervously for some sort of alarm to sound. After realizing that no visible trap had been triggered due to my actions, I closed the doors to the restricted section and locked them before making my way to the nearest window.
 I peered outside and didn’t notice any guards nearby. Thinking I had better be careful, I cloaked myself in shadows before nimbly leaping from the window down to the ground below. I landed softly and began running towards the nearest alleyway, keeping my invisibility up the entire way. When I allowed myself to reappear, I noticed Corinth was right behind me. We returned to the embassy, where I gave him the tome he desired. He placed the tome inside a leather satchel underneath his bed and remarked that it would be difficult to get the package back to Leminster. I mentioned that my party was in good with the Master of the Post, but Corinth said that it would be ill advised to trust such a valuable package be delivered via mail. I agreed and asked if he would allow me to read in his room as I was unsure what effects the monocle would have on me. Corinth didn’t have a problem with me staying and so I began reading one of the tomes at his desk, hoping to glean some information on how to find my master. I must admit, though, that being in the same room as Mr. Hero was slightly distracting, but I managed to hold my focus on my reading due to the urgent attention I felt my task required.
 Connor arrived within the hour and began knocking on my door. I poked my head out from Corinth’s room to inquire as to how the job went. Connor told me his job was successful and then asked, yet again, if Corinth and I were having sex. I’m beginning to think Connor has some strange fantasy about me and Corinth being together due to the frequency of his questions. I then realized that I was in Corinth’s room and it was pretty late at night…so Connor’s question was legitimate. I informed Connor that I was studying in Corinth’s rom because I was forced to use the monocle today and I was worried about the effects it might have on me. Connor nodded in what I hope was understanding, and not skepticism, and retired to his quarters. I read till late into the night before finally becoming tired. I packed up my things and went back to my room where I collapsed on my bed and fell asleep.



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