Everfall: Rise of Nations

Felvida 31st

The sun is shining as it filtered in through my curtains on the last day of Felvida. Tomorrow we would be heading out in the morning to go head off the Hroggar, I wouldn’t have time to have a nice proper ritual for Nocturne. I grumbled as I got dressed, there was a ‘Slam!’ from down the hall. I trudged over to look out the door and see Connors naked ass scurrying back to his room, I guess Racha kicked him out. I retreated back into my room to wash my face with soap hoping that the sting will cause me to forget that memory. I know I don’t get much action, but I still don’t need that being the last piece of ass I’ll ever see. I get dressed and walked slowly downstairs trying to forget that I ever saw anything, unfortunately it burned its self into my retinas and no amount of cleansing would ever get it out. Corinth walked out of the kitchen with a large plate of blueberry pancakes and I followed him into the dining room. He served me some pancakes and I start to eat trying to avoid Connors gaze at all, it is all the will power I have in me to not comment about him running down the hallway naked, not that he would ever be ashamed of it, he’s too confident for that, he would probably own it and wear it with pride. The whole swagger of “yeah I fucked a war goddess.” As if his ego couldn’t inflate any higher. As the last set of footsteps trudged down the stairs interrupting my thoughts and Racha sat down and ate with us, her glaring gaze directed across the table at Connor, who seemed to be avoiding her stare, I guess I called that wrong. This made for a really awkward breakfast, no one talked much. As I finished my meal, I politely excused myself from the table and I headed out to the bathhouse to take a bath. After I get in and settle down in the warm soapy water Jenny, Shaelith, and Dahlia join me. It was quiet, peaceful, and relaxing.

After I got out and got dressed and I head out to the lobby. Jenny caught up to me asking if I would show her where I got the rings I bought for Connor and for Logan. She was wearing that green dress of hers; she looked really… different I suppose would be a good word for it. Not the bad kind of different where you’re served Escargot and told it’s something wonderful and then you bite into it ravenously to find that it is not wonderful, but more along the lines of seeing a flower as a bud and then seeing it after it has bloomed. Different, but still beautiful. I agreed to help her, feeling bad that I only got her some simple smoke bombs rather than something nice like what I got for logan and Connor and we head off into town towards the jewelry shop. As we walk I notice several people staring at the two of us. A mer and a lady, I don’t think Jenny noticed the people watching her as she strode past them with confidence. We reach the shop with ease and Jenny went to talk to the shop keep, I gave him a little wave but he doesn’t seem to recognize me from yesterday so I start to peruse the amulets on display in sheepish embarrassment. They began to chitchat about the different jewelry and I tried not to listen too hard as it was a private transaction. Although when Jenny asks him about a ring like what I got Connor and the guy says that the triune healing wouldn’t fit with her very well. So instead Jenny bought two very nice rings, I didn’t quite catch what they did but she at least seemed pleased with her purchase. She then asked about the amulets and saw one that she likes and she put some cash down to hold the item and then we both go back up to the embassy. Jenny says she doesn’t have enough to buy it and she asks me to show her where the Job Posting board is, I agree to help her out to get the money, again feeling very guilty that I didn’t get her anything nice yesterday. As we approached the embassy we ran into Logan who was pacing about outside, he asked what we were doing and I told him we were going to the job posting board and asked if he wanted to tag along.

After Jenny got changed into her regular clothes the three of us headed out to the job posting board and as we approach it there was only a job to clean the graffiti off the city walls that we could get done quickly. So we headed up to the city municipal building and tell them we want to take on the job. We get our buckets and brushes and we accompany the Forman to clean the city walls all day. It was hot, hot enough to cause me discomfort as I’m normally used to cooler more humid climates but I kept my discomfort to myself. In order to get enough money for jenny to get her amulet she and I skipped our lunch break and sent Logan to go get us food while we worked. By the time he came back there was a bite mark in my sandwich, clearly obvious that mister gluttony over there couldn’t contain himself on the walk back. I sighed and I returned to cleaning the graffiti off of the side of the wall. Jenny tells us a little bit about her night with Corinth and how it was really magical. Logan was suspicious that something happened but Jenny kept saying that nothing like that happened and that they were in the center of town. We all chattered on and Logan decided to sing a song in some sort of language I couldn’t understand thank Nocturne. During the middle of Logan’s 54th verse of the song I heard the supervisor say “hey wait” and I turn around and we all see Connor trying to come clean with us. Jenny says to go to the courthouse to sign up. Connor begins to prattle on about how he didn’t have to work to earn all his money and how he won it in a deice game. It obviously didn’t take him that long to get over his spurn from Racha, although thinking of that made me realize that I needed to scrub the walls and pretend they were my eyes so that I wouldn’t start thinking of Connor’s Naked Morc Butt dashing down the hallway. Connor inquires about why we are scrubbing the walls and I let it slip that jenny has an amulet that she wants to buy. Connor asks where the jewelry shop we went to is and I told him to wait till we’re all done and we can all go together, but him being Connor became impatient and left. We keep cleaning all day long until we get to go back to the courthouse and return the buckets and brushes and get paid.

By now it was later in the afternoon and slowly pushing on evening so Jenny and I rush over to the shop to pay for the amulet. Well Jenny didn’t realize that it wouldn’t help her in the right way so she left it. She told me to agree with her that the necklace was sold to someone who paid double, as to not arouse Logan’s suspicionsabout her wanting to practice something darker than what Logan is used to. Lying to a priest, she’ll need to go confess that . How ironic. We got back to the embassy just in time for dinner which was a nice fat and plump Roasted Duck. Shaelith decided to implement salads for dinner as well which is good because one of us was a glutton earlier. Jenny and Corinth start talking and Corinth says that he was interrogated by Connor about where his money was. The topic changes to Vineet and his really odd choice to wear a facial mask at the dinner table and Vineet doesn’t say much of anything on the subject, he always was the weird one of the group the city sent us. Jenny and Corinth were sitting next to each other for dinner tonight. She’d somehow found the time to change back into her dress before dinner. Seeing how they both look at each other is really something, they must really like each other a whole bunch. Connor then piped up and decided to have a big talk with everyone about when we go out tomorrow. Connor brought up that he was a bit wary of Corinth coming along; I don’t understand why he doesn’t want someone who is good at gathering information coming along. The two of them bicker for a while and Logan rushes out to go pack because apparently he didn’t know we leave in the morning. We ask Racha, who’d been sitting quietly glaring at Connor her opinion on the matter and she seems to like the fact that Connor isn’t happy with it so she says that Corinth gets to go, Or Else.

Jenny tries to excuse herself and Corinth to leave when Logan asks what kind of book they need to read. Jenny shows the book to Logan and he started asking about it and I could tell jenny was beginning to get uncomfortable with telling him about it so I begrudgingly offer up the rest of my dinner to get logan’s mind off of it. Logan handed the book back to jenny and my plate. And so gluttony prevails, it’s odd really, Logan preaches a whole lot about not sinning yet in the past week he has committed several sins himself: Breaking his vow of not getting drunk by storming off to that bar for no apparent reason. And on top of that his incessant need to gluttonize all the food he can find. Personally I think he should re-read his own book of signus. Connor continued his investigation by questioning the rest of the help, including the twins, Old Man Lynn and Shaelith. Once Connor can’t find out who did it he gets up and storms out of the dining room. After his tantrum I get up and I go upstairs to my room. I open the window and I start doing early meditation of Nocturne, I pray that we are kept safe on our journey, that we will survive and that we may be victorious in her name. after a while of meditating I stand up and close my window and head to bed, not eager to start the next day and the trip it entails.

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