Clara Quentel

Mother of Corlin

Physical Description

    Clara Quentel is a human woman in her mid fifties. She is tall and thin, with severe, angular features and deep blue eyes. She has long, wavy, gray-blonde hair that often hangs in frizzy, unkempt tangles due to lack of care; she usually fights her caretakers when they attempt to tame it.

Important Information

    Clara Quentel was once a strict rationalist, but is now mentally insane. Due to her condition, she is confined to the Quentel family manor in Leminster City, and is attended round-the-clock by a staff of caretakers.
    She is the mother of Corlin Quentel.


    Clara and her son Corlin are the last two living members of the old, wealthy Quentel family.
    Before she went inexplicably mad, she was a very prolific, widely known, and highly respected academic.

Clara Quentel

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