Corlin Quentel

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Physical Description

    Corlin Quentel III is a 20 year old human. He is tall and skinny, with long, wiry limbs. He has wavy copper-colored hair that is long enough to tuck behind his ears, but does not hang down past his chin; it is rarely brushed properly. His eyes are deep blue, and appear magnified because of his thick, black-rimmed reading glasses. Corlin’s skin is pale due to a lack of exposure to sunlight. His features are angular and somewhat delicate – his cheekbones are high and his nose and chin are relatively thin and pointed.
    Corlin tends to dress in high quality, professional clothing with subdued colors, though his fingernails are often chewed ragged. He prefers to keep himself meticulously clean. However, he tends to become dirty when he is on the road (where hygiene supplies are in short supply) or during an involved academic project, when his fingers are often stained with ink – which is usually transferred onto his teeth when he chews his fingernails.

Important Information

    Corlin is a mage who favors wizardry and psychic abilities. Like his mother, Clara Quentel (before she went mad), he is a strict rationalist and dedicated academic. Corlin spends most of his time reading and is fluent in four languages (Common, Elven, Draconic, and Wrack); he speaks with an affected High Elf accent.


    Corlin was born on the 17th of Novesta to Clara Quentel and an unnamed father. Corlin was raised and spent his adolescent years in the Quentel family manor in Leminster City. Corlin and his mother Clara are the last two living members of the old, wealthy Quentel family. Corlin is named after his grandfather (his mother’s father) and great-great-great grandfather. According to family legend, Corlin Quentel I inherited his given name from an obscure elven ancestor, but there is no concrete documentation to support this story.
    Corlin was kept sheltered in academic environments for most of his childhood, not allowed by his academically demanding mother to do anything but study – all other pursuits were considered unimportant. He had almost no contact with people his own age – most of his social interaction was with his mother’s professional colleagues, family servants, and his tutors.
    Despite his lack of experience with the outside world (or, rather, because of it) Corlin, at his relatively young age, has published a few well-received papers on magical theory. While considered a bit of a prodigy, his work is not sensational – most academics view him as too young, radical, and inexperienced to truly contribute anything substantial yet. However, his potential has caught the eye of a few of the mages who work closely with Leminster. This small prestige was enough to earn him a place as an agent of Leminster.
    Corlin does not have legal access to his the Quentel family fortune, seeing as his mother made no provisions for the possibility that she would be unable to manage it while still being alive; Corlin only inherits it in the event of her death. Corlin is set to gain access to a substantial trust fund at the age of thirty, or in the event that he gets married. As it stands, he must be content with a monthly 40 cael allowance.


    Corlin is very socially awkward, frequently pointing out the mistakes of others but oblivious to the fact that his blunt corrections might be considered offensive. He is naive and a bit gullible due to his lack of practical experience with the outside world. Corlin is unaware of why humans might think he has a strange name, and would not understand why elves might scoff at a human with an elven name.
    He believes religion to be nothing more than superstition invented by cultures too uneducated or primitive to grasp the true scientific workings of the world. By extension, he views morality as an artificial social construct. Though he rationalizes ethics to be culturally subjective, he often has emotional reactions against traditionally immoral acts. Additionally, Corlin has high respect for the law, and does not understand the concept that lawbreakers might be good people, or that laws might be unjust.
    Corlin adheres to the strict code of upper-class etiquette that has been drilled into him since childhood. He is very respectful to women and those few he considers to be his intellectual superiors.

  • Corlin’s most immediate priority is to prevent the world war that looms over the geopolitical landscape.
  • Corlin is convinced that his mother’s disrupted mental state is due to some unknown malevolent influence. He is determined to find the cause and, if possible, a cure.
  • Corlin has never had any friends. He would love to make (and keep) some.
  • Corlin is always interested in learning, and is constantly on the lookout for opportunities to acquire knowledge.
  • Clara Quentel: Corlin is quite devoted to his mother, and obeyed her without question when she was in her right mind. He sought nothing more than her approval, which he could only gain through feats of intellect and academic recognition.
  • Jenny Cross: Corlin likes Jenny, and hopes to become friends with her.
  • Logan Barleywright: As a very religious man, Mr. Barleywright is a great source of irritation for Corlin, compounded by his frustration that such a talented healer could be such a stubbornly superstitious fool.
  • Connor Grey: Connor makes Corlin uncomfortable, but Corlin is a bit envious of his obvious worldliness.
  • Perla Salvatore: Corlin does not know Miss Salvatore well enough to make a personal judgement about her, but he is coming to respect her as a colleague.
  • Gunnir Macthorson: As the Headmaster of the Wizard’s Tower, Gunnir Macthorson was one of the most prestigious of Corlin’s many teachers. Corlin is quite fond of him, as the Headmaster is a proponent of positive reinforcement and frequent praise when dealing with his pupils.
  • Leminster: Leminster was only a peripheral presence in Corlin’s life – someone who moved in a few of the same circles as his mother, when she could be bothered to socialize. Corlin reveres him as a very wise, learned elf, and seeks to prove that he is worthy of Leminster’s conviction.
  • Neville Malcolmford: Due to a long-standing rivalry between the Malcolmford and Quentel families (and some more personal insults toward Corlin’s mother from Neville himself), Corlin dislikes Neville Malcolmford more than he dislikes anyone else that he knows personally. Neville is one of the few people (besides Logan Barleywright) who can make Corlin lose his temper.
  • Corlin has a weakness for fresh fruit – the more exotic, the more irresistible.
  • Corlin’s favorite type of sandwich is roast beef.
  • Corlin loves shellfish, but is not fond of sushi.
  • As a child, Corlin had a fondness for adventure novels. His mother thought fiction a waste of time, so he had to read them in secret.
  • Corlin has always wanted a puppy, but he has no experience with handling animals.

Corlin Quentel

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