Physical Description

    Angels look similar to Andel, but even more regal and defined. Each has a halo that hovers above his or her head and an angels wings are larger and more regal than that of an andel. Their features glow with holy light and they burn with holy fire matching their color from their wings, eyes, nose, mouth, halo, and extremities when invoking their powers.


    Angels are all divided into categories by virtue and each virtue is led by an archangel. This archangel has powers greater than its followers and is part of the Seraphic council of angels that governs their politics and interaction with the world. Each archangel parallels an archdemon that has a corresponding vice.

  • Signus, Archangel of Supremacy: He leads the seraphic council and deals with matters of supremacy, rulership, and right. Insignia: Platinum crown that mimics his regal halo, depicted as a 2’’ diameter thin platinum ring with 7 small spines coming off of it evenly spaced, skipping one space for adornment.
  • Weros, Archangel of Valor: He is the angel of valor, courage, and battle. Insignia: Horned Helmet made of cobalt.
  • Pax, Archangel of Peace: She is the angel of peace, mercy, and forgiveness. Insignia: 4 armed white gold cross.
  • Amora, Archangel of Justice: She is the angel of justice, truth, and law. Insignia: Silver longsword with hilt tassles to represent balance.
  • Cipia, Archangel of Hope: She is the angel of hope, destiny, and perseverance. Insignia: Yellow crescent moon tilted open side 45 degrees up and to the right.
  • Lumox, Archangel of Light: He is the angel of light, life, and sanctity. Insignia: A silver disc with 4 smaller holes in it in a plus pattern. These holes have half the diameter as the disc.
  • Mentius, Archangel of Reason: He is the angel of reason, intuition, and understanding. Insignia: Infinite twisted triangle made of mythril.


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