Caeloth is located on Evergarde, surrounding Lake Caeloth and touching both the Arctic Ocean and Sea of Terminus.


    Caeloth is a divine right monarchy, in which the king is granted rule by right of birth from the nation’s god (see religion below). The High Priest or Priestess has a heavy hand in affairs as well and so does the Grand Crusader for military affairs. The setup of the nation as a whole is feudal, in which large areas are divided up into duchies, ruled by a duke or duchess, who then give power to local barons or baronesses in baronies. Small officials like mayors or priests control small town politics.
    For being a religious state, the politics and mercantilism of Caeloth are also dominant, most of the world using their currency. Their religion is their driving force and suffuses most of the nation’s actions.
    The current leadership of the nation is as follows:


    The official language of Caeloth is Common, but because of the state religion, Seraphic is also spoken commonly. The state religion is Signi, and this is the only allowed religion in major institutions in the nation. Some small towns get away with holding other services and people hide their worship of other gods, which is a punishable offense.

Cities and Locales


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