The seasons in Everfall are global and each consumes three 30 day months, with each months starting the midnight of a new moon. The world has no concept of days of the week but a week is a measure of 10 days, a day ending with 1 to the next day ending in 0. Each month has three weeks in this fashion. Each day is a 24 hour day with the same timing standard as that of the real world. Time zones are not really a concept but time is just measured from when the day starts at a given location. The months are listed as follows from the new year onwards:


  • Novida
  • Felvida
  • Tervida


  • Norokk
  • Felrokk
  • Terrokk


  • Novesta
  • Felvesta
  • Tervesta


  • Noloth
  • Felloth
  • Terloth


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