Catiline is located on the western half of Evergarde and consumes most of the body of the continent.


    Catiline is rules by an emperor that is chosen by birth. Of the seven major cities in Catiline, each has a Quaestor that rules it and chooses what laws govern the city beyond those of the empire. If the Quaestors rule that the emperor is doing a poor job, they can overthrow him with a unanimous vote and put a different family in power by majority vote. The Quaestor’s are elected in each of the major towns by the populace in and around that town.
    The current emperor is as follows:


    There is no official language or religion in Catiline, each being gravitated towards based on the emperor’s preference. Religion is, however, emphasized in the nation and it is recommended that each citizen attend a service, atheism being shunned in society.
    Catiline uses Cael Coinage mainly, but also allows the use of Imperials as a currency, devaluing by imperial lineage.

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