Dark Elf

Physical Description

    Dark elves are the most human-like of the elves in shape, but their skin is a dark grey or navy, or other similar dusky tone. They also have usually white hair or any other hair color that looks heavily bleached white. Their features look rather human except for some angularity, especially the eyes, nose, and jaw. They also look lighter than humans. In addition, their ears are extremely pointed, but very short.

Racial Description

    Dark elves have a long history of being hated and beaten upon by society and they show it. They have an inbred anger and resentment towards many races except for the dwarves, which they have an understanding with. They are short tempered and very human compared to the other elves, and due to their shorter life spans, are more impulsive and rash.

Dark Elf Nations

Dark Elf

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