Physical Description

    It is difficult to describe the looks of a demon as they each have their own images, but demons have ghastly, gruesome, and depraved looks about them and embody their vice to the fullest. Gluttony demons will be corpulent and disgusting, while shadow demons will have little substance and are wiry and sneak, and succubi are full figured and voluptuous with the sexiest of devilish features. Demons generally have the ability to influence or possess mortals, sometimes forcibly and sometimes by ritual. Demons also choose to affect the world with a more personal touch than Angels do, sometimes even the archdemons making appearances.


    Demons are all divided into categories by viceand each vice is led by an archdemon. This archdemon has powers greater than its followers and is one of the rulers of hell. Each archdemon parallels an archangel that has a corresponding virtue.

  • Azrath, Archdemon of Tyranny: She is the ultimate lord of hell and although the other archdemons hate her and wish to usurp her, they all begrudgingly follow her tyrannic rule. She governs matters of tyranny, domination, and slavery.
  • Xuria, Archdemon of Lust: She is the demon of lust, envy, and avarice.
  • Raio, Archdemon of Wrath: He is the demon of wrath, destruction, and slaughter.
  • Jocos, Archdemon of Lies: He is the demon of lies, trickery, and manipulation.
  • Ilari, Archdemon of Despair: She is the demon of despair, nightmares, and fear.
  • Lekta, Archdemon of Undeath: She is the demon of undeath, shadows, and plague.
  • Sanatos, Archdemon of Insanity: He is the demon of insanity, chaos, and depravity.


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