Physical Description

    Dwarves are shorter than humans but far stouter in proportion. Their arms and legs are thicker and a bit shorter than human’s limbs as well. They have the capacity to grow glorious beards and have large feet, but are otherwise very similar to humans. Their noses are one thing that separates them from humans, as a dwarf’s nose is much larger, but flatter and wider against the face.

Racial Description

    Dwarves are an innovative and witty with the propensity to create and craft. They love the arts, especially those of the forge and clay, and are known for their food and beer as well. Dwarves generally live in large family-clans and they are greatly devoted to their clan if they have one to the point where violent clan wars and feuds sometimes erupt. In general, however, dwarves are a relatively peaceful race, preferring to war with themselves than with others. They are also known for archaeology and have a fascination with their ancient history.

Dwarf Nations


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