Grimaldi is a nation that covers both the Grimaldi Peninsula and Isle of Dos landmasses of Arnfall and boders both the Sea of Terminus and the Grimaldi Strait.


    Grimaldi is a constitutional monarchy in which the high king is a powerful figurehead, the archbishop is the head of the church, and the summit is the head of state. The captiol city is Muir Summit, located in and about the tallest peak in Grimaldi, the whole mountain being the city.
    Each major city has an elected Muir, which is similar to a duke or baron and they serve on the Muir summit. Groups of smaller towns either share voting rights with nearby larger cities as decided by the Muir summit or sometimes band together to elect a Muir. The summit consists of the High King, the Archbishop, and 13 Muir, one from each Muirran (province).
    The crown is passed down by birthright, but can be granted to another family or individual by a king that has no accepted progeny. If the high king meets an untimely end, the Archbishop takes over his role until a new high king is crowned. The Archbishop is elected by church officials.
    The city-state Dos is a treatied ally of Grimaldi and is contained entirely within it, and as such, one Gear of Dos is elected to serve as a Muir.
    The Current leadership of Grimaldi is as follows:


    The official language of Grimaldi is Dwarven, but Common is spoken by the greater majority of citizens. Rothan, Mer, Elven, and Twyli are common main languages spoken as well as Goblin and Orcish for diplomatic reasons. It uses the standard gold currency adopted by most nations for trade. Religiously, the major practice of the Grimaldi, outside of Dos, is Torism and the government acknowledges this, as Torist holidays are considered national holidays. Torism is by no means enforced as a religion, all other religions are allowed, but Torism is the only government supported one.



The 13 Muirran


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