Physical Description

    Hobbits are similarly proportioned to humans except for a few key features. Their whole bodies are shrunken comparatively, but their thickness is relatively larger. They also tend to have more and curlier hair on their bodies, in addition to bigger proportioned hands, feet, and eyes.

Racial Description

    Hobbits are gentle natured compared to humans but still exhibit the full range of human emotions and desires. For their small stature, the exhibit a racial bravery that is unlike that of many of the other races.


    Hobbits are one of the few truly civil and intelligent races that are both abundant and without their own nation or seat of power. The hobbits are spread around mostly in Caeloth, Grimaldi, Leminster County, and Catiline. Other nations, like Tiberia have a decent, but not terribly large Hobbit populace and no hobbit nation exists or is on the rise, although there are some rather large areas that hobbits are a bit more concentrated in.


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