Physical Description

    Hroggar are like humans in appearance except for some minute differences. The Hroggar bone structure is larger in general and the form is less soft and rounded. Hroggar also have larger proportioned limbs and grow denser courser hair.

Racial Description

    Hroggar act how Humans would if humans had no sense of law. They are barbaric and not terribly bright. They tend to form tribal groups instead of true societies and live without many modern day technologies. They act very human otherwise. Hroggar came to be when the Black Dragon Skolrath needed a second army after the loss of the Dragost and after their defeat, the Hroggar splintered into six major tribes and the rest devolved into Humans.

  • The six major tribes of Hroggar, known as the Odulfson tribes that live on the north landmass of Evergarde, are as follows:
    1. Earthclan
    2. Frosthorn
    3. Stormrider
    4. Wyrmskull
    5. Bearmantle
    6. Icemane


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