Leminster City


    Leminster City is the captiol of Leminster County and is on the northwest side of Lake Leminster.


    The city is ruled by Count Leminster, although “ruled” is a rather strict term. The type of people attracted to the nation and city are the type of people that don’t need a harsh set of laws to survive and thrive. Moreso, the local wizard’s tower and college rule the city in a more traditional sense.


    The city is laid out in a radial fashion from the town center, where the library, tower, well, fountain, and market square are. This center is approximately 3/4 of a mile northwest of the lake and Leminster’s manor.


    Finding work in the city is easy as the terminal society lends itself to neighbor helping neighbor in equal recompense. In addition, the wizard’s tower first floor has a corner desk area called JABAHIS that has numerous job postings.


Leminster City

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