Leminster County


    Leminster County is located just west of Leminster’s Pike on Evergarde. It stretches from the Arctic Ocean to the Sea of Terminus.


    Leminster County is governed by Count Leminster, although the laws are more a formality that keep society and trade running than anything else.


    Leminster County has no official legal system and each township or area is in charge of its own legality. Leminster holds each of the towns within his county responsible for their affairs and demands that the legal system be fair and that each person gets due process with the worst possible punishment being banishment.


    The official language of Leminster County is Common because of its varied citizens. It uses the standard gold currency adopted by most nations for trade. There is no religion associated with Leminster County.


    Leminster County is a free nation founded by the archmage Leminster with the Terminal society in mind. It is all inclusive and gives freedom to those who wish to join or leave. Leminster County has one of the most fertile stretches of land in its northern half, making it an ideal ally. Leminster chooses to remain neutral in all conflicts, however, keeping his county free of the strife and hardship that accompanies war.

  • Banner/Sigil: Forest green background, white terminal 8 point star backing an owl’s feather
  • Adjective: Leminstan
  • People: Leminstani
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Leminster County

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