Physical Description

    The Merfolk are an aquatic Animus (Merfolk, Lycan, Panthera) that have a hybrid form with striking fish traits. Merfolk usually have many scales and fins on their body while in hybrid form as well as webbed digits and fishy eyes. Gills are still prevalent in this form as well. Slight fishy features may still remain in the Human form. The fish form of merfolk vary greatly from any bony to cartilaginous fish, some even able to become a school of shad. Unless in human form, a merfolk has no hair, but instead, fins or other fishy structures on their head.

Racial Description

    Merfolk are a proud and majestic race with a sense of pomp and circumstance about them. They tend to create complex societies and vast kindoms near or in the sea. They have a complex but strong sense of honor and family as well. Other than their above quirks, they are very human in manner.


    Merfolk are one of the most varied races in Everfall. They can represent any of the millions of bony or cartilaginous fish in the water of the world. Different combinations of parents bring millions of possibilities for their children, but two parents of the same subspecies are more likely than not to have children of the same subspecies. Other aquatic creatures appearing in genetics are an extreme rarity and considered a mutation. Such merfolk are usually treated as second class citizens.


    One interesting thing about merfolk that still ties them heavily to water is that to mate properly, they must be in the water in either hybrid or fish forms. The males have a small pseudopenis that allows them to spray waterborne genetic material on eggs extruded by the female, very much like being “in berry” for crustaceans. The eggs are then retracted into the female’s body once fertilized and the baby is born aquatically in much the same way, but very small in an egg sac. It is not uncommon for a female merfolk to allow her egg cluster to be fertilized multiple times by the same suitor each breeding cycle, which differs for each female. While in human form, the merfolk have human genetalia, but no supporting organs, so a merfolk man has a defunct penis, but no scrotum or testicles, and a female merfolk has a vagina and labia, but nothing else.


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