Physical Description

    Orcs are large brutish humanoids in the same family of species as the Goblin and Troll and are the Human of the humanoid family. They are large and muscular, but usually lacking a bit in intelligence. They have short noses with forward facing nostrils and usually some sort of fangs protruding from their mouth. Their skin approaches a greenish-yellow-brown hue and is very leathery and hairy. Their hair is coarse and usually dark or earthy in color.

Racial Description

    The Orcish peoples have all of the intricacies of human interaction between them, but their societies are more tribal, brutish, patriarchal, and strength-based compared to any true system of justice or civilization. They are intelligent hunters and brilliant fighters with the unfortunate tendency for violence and recklessness.

  • Thog primarily speak Orcish
  • Orcs don’t often use a prime currency system but will rob and pillage other currencies to be able to extort or trade with those they respect.


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