Signi is the worship of the Archangel of Supremacy, Signus, and to a lesser extent, other angels. This makes it a similar religion to Seraphism

  • You must attempt to make yourself like Signus in life if you wish to join his court of supreme angels in the afterlife; followers of Signi seek power and glory above most other virtues
  • Demons are the devil: As demons are the literal and figurative opposite of angels, they are esteemed as devils and must be destroyed at all costs by both sects of Signi. The exception is with how exorcisms are handled
  • Andel are supreme beings and are indirect children of Signus
  • All religious services are spoken in Seraphic
  • Religious affiliations are not hidden or misconstrued for any reason
  • Attempt to mission to any that aren’t Signi by the means provided by each sect
  • Only two major sects of Signi exist, Paxist and Werosan. Paxist Signi believe in a doctrine of non-violence to spread religion and supremacy while Werosans believe in conquering heretics and pagans and enforcing their religion upon them. The differences come in the belief of which archangel is most supreme after Signus, Pax or Weros
Holy Days
  • The 15th of Terrokk is known as Signati, or “The Supreme Day”. As it is the summer solstice, it is the longest, and therefore the best, day
  • The 15th of Terloth is known as Darsus, or “The Darkest Night”. As it is the winter solstice, it is the longest, and therefore the worst, night. After dark on Darsus and until dawn, Signi do not leave their abode and ward themselves, their posessions, and abode against demons, as they believe this is when they are strongest
Holy Texts

    Although Signi may look for inspiration in a scattering of ancient and modern writings by certain saints and other important figures, the texts considered truly holy are collected into the Signi Bible, the canon of which has been established for longer than any living Signi can remember. The Bible is older than the Paxist/Werosan split, so the two sects read and accept the same collection of texts, although certain Signi may have some affinity or disdain for books that may or may not lean one way or the other.

Important Figures


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