Thellonde is located on Arnfall, on the southeast side of the Sea of Terminus and west of the Thellondian Ocean. Thellonde surrounds The Black Caldera and is split into three provinces, the Fleeting Isles, Thellondian Highlands, and Thellondian Woodlands.


    Thellonde is ruled by a council of three elves, known as the archelf council. One of each type of elf from each province is elected from among the nobles in the province to serve for life in Triastre. They rule the whole nation, but usually the dark elves are less represented because the high and wood elves band together on votes.
    They have a legal embargo with Grimaldi, although the fleeting isles and dark elves have an underground trade between nations that the government turns a blind eye to because they need the supplies.
    The current leadership of the nation is as follows:

  • High Elf:
  • Wood Elf:
  • Dark Elf:

    The official language of Thellonde is elven and some citizens don’t even learn common. There is no state religion, but atheism is regarded among the elven nobility as correct. Although, the government trades in caelothian currency, they have a split inner currency system. Most people operate in a barter commune, communities working towards the whole at all times, but the higher up one gets in society, one starts using a currency system containing worthless-metal coins that represent Terminus.



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