Tiberia is located on Evergarde on its western half and is sandwiched in between Catiline, Roth, and the Sea of Terminus.


    Tiberia is ruled in the capital city by an oligarchy of ministers that each have different interests within the nation. The ministers are the military minister, domestic minister, religious minister, trade minister, and grand minister.
    The grand minister is in charge of running the ministry and breaking ties. The ministers are chosen by the previous ministers, and as one retires or dies, each minister proposes a new candidate that the head minister chooses, and when the head minister retires or dies, the other minister’s each elect an outsider to become the new head minister and they vote, unable to vote on their own nominee.
    The current leadership of the nation is as follows:

  • Head Minister:
  • Religious MInister:
  • Trade Minister:
  • Military Minister:
  • Domestic Minister:

    The official language of Tiberia is Feral, but common is used even more in government nowadays. Cael Coinage has also been adopted by the nation. The religious minister is always a Nocturnist, and helps steer the nation’s worship and practices.



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