Logan Barleywright

Molly Heiman

Physical Description

    Logan is a 45-year-old dwarf man who stands five feet tall and weighs approximately 230 pounds. He has a set of broad shoulders that would make him imposing if he were more muscular and not quite so round around the middle. He keeps his light brown hair tied back from his face in a ponytail, and his long beard is pristinely groomed, with a silver idol shaped like a feather braided into its intricate knots. His eyes are a steel gray, gleaming like sparks beaten from an anvil, and his smile is missing a few teeth. His nose has obviously been broken more than once, as it turns slightly to the right against his face, while his hands and fingers are dotted and scored with hundreds of tiny scars, the skin on his knuckles being almost entirely scar tissue.


    He wears an elaborate set of purple and gold robes cinched under his paunch with a simple rope belt, and at his neck is a white clerical collar. He drapes his shoulders with a gold-inlaid stole, and a heavy golden pendant shaped like a four-armed cross hangs against his chest. The only practical component of his outfit is his boots, which are black leather and worn from travel.

Important Information

    Logan is a cleric who prefers to stay out of direct combat, doing no harm to either allies or enemies if he can help it. He is an ordained minister of the Church of Signi and belongs to an order of monks called the Camdenists. As such, he has taken vows which dictate some of his behaviors. Logan must remain celibate, sober, and nonviolent, and he cannot enjoy food to excess or be possessed of too much wealth. Some of these stipulations come easily to him, while others he struggles with. Logan speaks in a low Grimaldi accent and can be difficult to understand.


    Logan was born on the 22nd of Felvesta in Grimaldi. When he was seven years old he began serving as an apprentice to his father, a blacksmith, and continued to do so for ten years. At seventeen, Logan was formally disowned by his father for being an unfit apprentice and was replaced in that capacity by his younger brother. Out of a job, Logan made a career of mining until he was incarcerated at Grimstone Prison for murder. Shortly after a cave-in occurred at the underground detention center, Logan was transferred to The Block in the city-state of Dos, where he claims he was visited by Signus himself. After he was released from prison, Logan made his way to the Darden Abbey in Caeloth, where he was ordained in the order of the Camdenists as a priest of Signi. He left the monastery a few years ago to travel in Leminster for reasons he has not disclosed.

Logan Barleywright

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