Physical Description

    The Archon have a body type similar to that of humankind except that they are generally a bit bulkier in proportion. They are also part element-part flesh, having a mixture of both comprising their body. Their flesh is usually colored to match the element they embody as well: fire, frost, earth, or storm. Their noses are not formed around their nostril holes, their eyes are a mono-colored glow that matches their element. The metal that is part of their body replaces their skin in a few places and raw elemental energy sometimes shows in fissures in their flesh.

Racial Description

    The Archon are a manifestation of the elements and as such, act as their element. Earth Archons are steadfast and reliable, Fire Archons are passionate and willful, Storm Archons are tempestuous and energetic, and Frost Archons are solitary and calculating. Any Archon society is usually divided by type.

Archon Nations


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