Corrander is located in the Corranwood in between Leminster County and Catiline.


    The city is ruled by the rich, the 1%, and money is god. There is no middle class and all of the populace aside from the rich live in squalor. The guards are owned by the rich estates as well and each Master of Corrander has different laws he or she chooses to enforce near his or her estate.


    The city is surrounded by a waste in the middle of the wood for almost a mile. The trees have been clear cut and the grass is all but dead. A river runs towards the town and is diverted around it by two canals that are filled with dirt and refuse. This water comprises the drinking water for all but the wealthy.

The Masters

    A very small group of about 8 very wealthy men rule Corrander via their wealth and estates. Outside of their estate walls, the land and people are plagued by cart-crowded streets, disease, and poverty, but inside estate walls, the grass is lush, water flows abundantly, and all is right with the world.



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